StS gruppen is one of the top providers of ISS services (Insulation, Scaffolding, Surface Treatment) in Norway and offers a comprehensive range of services related to maintenance and modification.

The company also serves new build and development projects.
Ever since the start-up in 1972, the StS gruppen has focused on long-term relations with several of the main players in Norwegian industry and has thus secured its position as a leading supplier in the market.

StS gruppen provides future-oriented and cost effective solutions, from design and planning to project management, work execution and final inspection.
The company has also developed its own product series for fire, thermal and acoustic insulation.

StS gruppen's production philosophy is founded on experience, versatility and an innovative approach, combined with a strong focus on QA and HSE.

For many years, the company has had a strong focus on formal qualifications and multi-disciplinary thinking. Today, StS gruppen has a share of certified skilled workers well beyond the bench mark, and more than 50% of the operators have multi-disciplinary work experience.
StS gruppen's employees are very loyal and appreciate the good development opportunities and long-term career planning provided by the company. StS gruppen strives to encourage as many of its employees as possible to further broaden their expertise. StS læring, the company's training and qualification centre, continuously expands its training programmes in order to meet the need for new skills and knowledge.

StS gruppen's diversification and specialisation strategy has led the company beyond national boundaries. In particular, the company's unique expertise within positive pressure habitats is requested worldwide. StS gruppen's subsidiaries StS engineering (Norway) and StS resources & technology (UK) contribute both to the geographical expansion and to strengthening diversification and specialisation. StS resources & technology has already acquired a substantial international customer portfolio.

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